Lockblocks® Industrial Fasteners are innovative fasteners for fiberoptic cable, copper cable, conduit bodies, wire, and hose that can be installed or repositioned instantly without the use of tools. Lockblocks are constructed of oil and temperature-resistant thermoplastic elastomer blocks and milspec hook and loop straps. They are ideal for fastening single or bundled cables or hoses to stationary supports, or to other lines. Lockblocks are also an excellent base mount for a wide array of hand tools, testing instruments, and similar apparatus.

Lockblocks Industrial Fasteners install and remove without the need for tools, eliminating the gummy residue of tape, the safety hazard of cut-offs and waste, and the danger of cutting conductors, hose, or insulation.

Lockblocks Industrial Fasteners versatility makes them suitable for a variety of applications in the medical, automotive, entertainment and even aerospace industries. Anything that requires a firm, non-damaging grip can use Lockblocks.

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