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Quick Cage Water Bottle Holder

Stainless Steel Cage

Patent pending hook and loop and elastomer cinch design.

Goes on and comes off instantly.

Strap them anywhere!

Includes a large mouth 24 oz screw-top Twofish waterbottle.




U-lock Mount: A set of three blocks secures almost any U-lock to almost any stem and handle bar. Mounting position is balanced and stable. Especially popular with women riders, riders of small frames, and riders who carry two water bottles.

1/2 Aug '94 Bicycling Magazine
90% cool - Mountain bike Magazine

The Bikeblock®

The most secure pump fastener available, the Bikeblock is shockproof, and won't release a pump when jolted like most holders. Adjustable strap holds a wide variety of other accessories to chromoly frames, seat posts, and handlebars. Each channel opens separately, so the Bikeblock stays on the bike when the accessory is in use.

The Quick Cage™

Goes on any bike instantly, anywhere room is available on the frame or seat post. Great for cruiser bikes, BMX bikes, kids' bikes, and the serious commuter. The most convenient and cost-effective way to put a water bottle cage on a bike without braze-on lugs. Includes a 23 ounce water bottle with the Twofish insignia.

Bicycling Magazine's highest rating! July '96

The MegaBlock™

A larger version of the Bikeblock with an extended strap, the Mega Block is the best holder for large U-locks, the pump bracket of choice for fat tube bikes, and the ideal fastener for large accessories.

Bicycling Magazine
"Jim's favorite product of the month"

Lockblocks Flashlight Holder™

Mounts an AA flashlight on any handlebar. The ideal low-cost lighting alternative for commuters, students, or as an emergency back-up light for ni-cad systems.space

The Black Strap™

An extra-long, industrial strength strap with a high-friction lock, The Black Strap will mount a water bottle shaped ni-cad battery anywhere on a frame or seat post.

The Cyclopblock™

A single Lockblock with webbing-reinforced straps. The simple, fast solution to securely hanging U-locks or cable locks on the handlebar of any bike. Also holds flashlights up to C-cells. Adjustable, flexible, unbeatable.space

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